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Please ensure that you check the weather and road before you travel.  The road between Bright and Mt. Hotham can be closed due to awesome snow or other more boring reasons.  The road through Omeo is more chilled and less likely to be closed.  It is a little bit longer but can be worth it.

Note:  If there is one access open we will not refund your money.  We will consider it if snow ammagedon has occurred and you can not acces your accommodation.

Also be a good comrade to other people staying and your Manager.- Clean up after yourself and have fun. Don't be a noisy bogan. Be a friendly bogan who we want to come back again and again.   Clean your room when you leave- with a loud bogan vacuum and wipe off the basins ready for the next comrade bogan.

If you need to cancel let the Booking person know as soon as possible so they can rebook. There will be a 10% admin fee and a refund if we can rebook.

Thanks heaps,

Karnulurra Ski Lodge bogans